Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer تشيكو كرسي هزاز

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The Balloon lounger is a comfortable and safe lounger for a newborn. For the first 6 months, the baby uses a soft, ergonomic lining. As the child grows up, the padding is removed, providing additional, comfortable space for the growing child. You can adjust the height of the headrest, unfold the backrest or fold the recliner in one move when not in use. You can set the rocking function or motionless. When the baby is in the rocker, he is entertained with a colorful electronic panel with cheerful melodies, calming lullabies and sounds of nature. The rocker is equipped with a vibration function that soothes the baby. It is also possible to record and play a special message for the child, e.g. his favorite melody or mother's voice (30 sec.). Colorful pendants made of safe materials support manual and psychological development, the sense of sight, hearing and touch, or help to pass the difficult time of teething. The colorful panel with pendants can be detached and attached to the baby's cot.
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