To become a supplier on VivaMommy, all you need is

  • Bank Account
Once you complete your registration, you will have access to VivaMommy's supplier panel. You can add your products, manage inventory, process orders and check your payment status on the Supplier Panel.

 Add Products

After completing your registration, you will be able to upload your product listing by logging on to the VivaMommy supplier panel.

 Getting Orders

When your products are live on VivaMommy website customer can order through website. The more products you upload, the better your chances will be of getting orders.

Customers always prefer fresh and unique trends. So, try to list trending products to get successful.

Dispatch orders on the next day of receiving orders. Faster dispatch helps you increase your order volume.

 Delivery & Payment

  • Product Delivery

    When you receive orders for one of your products, VivaMommy notifies you by email as well as on the VivaMommy Supplier Panel.

    After receiving an order, please go to the Supplier Panel and do the following steps:

    • Accept your order
    • Download label and manifest
    • Pack the product and paste the label on the packaging the VivaMommy Supplier Panel
    • Hand over the product to our delivery person

  • Payment for Orders

    Payment for your sales (minus VivaMommy commission) is deposited securely into your bank account on the 15th day from order delivery, including your Cash on Delivery orders.


VivaMommy takes care of delivering the product to the customer at Zero cost to the supplier. We have tied up with multiple Logistics Partners who pick the products from your location and deliver it straight to the customer.

 Steps in Shipping your orders
  • Manage and process your order from supplier panel

    You need to do the below on the supplie panel in order to process your order.

    • Accept your order
    • Download label and Manifest

  • Pack your products and keep it ready for pick up

    Procure plain packaging material with no branding and ensure that the product is packed properly.

  • Hand over your packed product to the Meesho delivery partner

    Our delivery partner will come to your doorstep to pick your order and will deliver it directly to the customer.

 Dispatch Timeline

You need to dispatch the orders within the agreed time provided by you to avoid any late dispatch penalty. You will be able to check the time allowed for dispatching your orders on our Supplier Panel.

 Dispatch Timeline

Any delay in dispatching the order beyond the SLA (Service Level Agreement) will count towards Late Dispatch Rate (LDR) and will result in reduced visibility of your products on the Meesho Reseller App, thereby reducing your sales.Any Order that hasn’t been shipped till the SLA will be auto-canceled and will incur a penalty.


We have a no questions asked policy for our customers within 7 days of product delivery. This creates greater trust for a customer to place orders with us.

 Return Penalties

If a product is returned by a reseller, suppliers need to pay some penalty. The exact amount of penalty is determined based on the product category and product weight. Please note that no penalty is levied in the case of RTOs (Return to Origin) if the order was shipped within the SLA. In case of Returns, your product will reach safely and on time to the pick-up location.

Cancellation of Orders

Cancellation of orders by supplier leads to a penalty on supplier in the following cases:

  • VivaMommy cancels the order because of delay in shipping from you.
  • Customer cancells the order because of the delay in shipping from you.
  • You cancel the order


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 How it works?